Things to do in Delhi with kids
 Things to do in Delhi     SSK

If you’re travelling with kids, there are plenty of things to do in Delhi to keep both the little ones, and you, happily occupied. While a visit to the gaming arcade or the mall might offer an easy distraction for your tots, the capital offers a host of interesting museums that will not only entertain them, but educate them too. Whether you little one’s got a scientific bent of mind, is more inclined towards nature, likes to know the history behind things, or just wants to have a day full of frolic—Delhi is a playground teeming with fun.

1. Fun‘n’Food Village

Fun‘n’Food Village

2. Purana Qila

3. Indian Air Force Museum

Indian Air Force Museum

4. National Agricultural Science Museum

National Agricultural Science Museum

5. Children’s Park

Children’s Park

6. Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens

7. National Zoological Park

National Zoological Park

8. The National Rail Museum

The National Rail Museum

9. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

10. Nehru Planetarium

Nehru Planetarium

11. Adventure Island

Adventure Island