Places to visit in Delhi for sports lovers
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If you’re a sporty person, there are several places to visit in Delhi that will get your blood flowing. For those who’re in the city for more than a couple of days, the best way to keep in shape amidst all the binge drinking and eating, is to set aside some time to sweat it all out. Not only will it help you stay fit despite the debauchery you’re indulging in, it might even make you a few new friends. So whether you prefer to hit the green with your golf set, do a few lengths in an Olympic sized pool, whack a ball at the squash courts or just go for a long run and a work-out at the gym—here are a few spots that will meet all your needs.

1. Siri Fort Complex

Siri Fort Complex

2. Qutub Golf Course

Qutub Golf Course

3. Delhi Gymkhana

Delhi Gymkhana

4. Delhi Golf Club

Delhi Golf Club

5. Pacific Sports Complex

Pacific Sports Complex