Places to visit in Delhi for adventure lovers
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The capital of India is a place known for its multi faceted identity and a Pandora’s Box of surprises and pleasant goodies. A cultural hub and a historical city, Delhi is a traveller’s paradise and there are plenty of things to do and experience in the city. But it is not that Delhi is only ideal for culture lovers and casual travellers; it has plenty for adventure seekers as well. For adventurous souls, there are plenty of places to visit in Delhi that will shine a new light on the capital city. Far from the madding crowds—or in some cases, right at the heart of them—these experiences will leave you with memories that you’ll recall long after you’ve left. The adventurous places in Delhi are amazing destinations for an activity filled day. When it comes to adventure getaways from Delhi there is hardly any better option than to take a cycle tour in and around the city. Exploring Delhi on cycle is a whole new experience that will bring you a step closer to the pulse of this ancient urban centre. The main streets of Delhi are wide stretches with wonderful roadside attractions. There are many groups and organisation in Delhi who organise cycle tours in different parts of the city. Areas like New Delhi, central Delhi and the heritage old Delhi are some of the best regions to go for a cycling day out in the capital city. Contrary to the wide roads of New Delhi, old Delhi has a maze of narrow lanes which can be best explored by a cycle tour.

1. Delhi on a cycle

Delhi on a cycle

2. Segway tour

Segway tour

3. iSkate


4. Adventure Island

Adventure Island

5. Okhla Bird Sanctuary