Offbeat things to do in Delhi
 Things to do in Delhi

Once you’ve visited the Indian capital’s major attractions and museums, there are also a few offbeat things to do in Delhi that reveal a less-touristy side of the city. Depending on your interest and inclination, you can visit a unique hospital for injured birds, see Delhi’s quirky toilet museum, or take a guided tour with a non-profit NGO for homeless street children. Take a different approach to sightseeing by exploring the city’s most vibrant areas with a cycle tour or attend a guided walk through its most beautiful heritage sites and gardens. Each of these experiences will help you discover a new aspect of this bustling metropolis.

1. Delhi on a cycle

Delhi on a cycle

2. Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli

3. Phool Mandi at Ghazipur

Phool Mandi at Ghazipur

4. Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van

5. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

Sulabh International Museum of Toilets

6. Segway tour

Segway tour

7. Salaam Baalak Trust Walk

Salaam Baalak Trust Walk

8. Charity Bird’s hospital

Charity Bird’s hospital

9. Crafts Museum

Crafts Museum

10. Akshardham TempleAkshardham Temple