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Top 5 drinks in Delhi

When summers knock at the door, shakes become your best evening companion. Sorry gfs and bfs!! But it’s true. And Delhi has some of the best outlets to taste the best of the liquid delights.

The cake shake

Have you ever thought of drinking cake? Am I sounding weird? Maybe, but its true. You can drink awesome cake instead of eating it. This summer, indulge yourself with the goodness of “Cake Shake” at Chaayos. This Cake Shake is just perfect. It had the right amount of chocolate, thickness, texture, flavor and tangy-tingy hint of orange. It is by far one of the best chocolates shakes that I have tasted, if not the best!

Where : Chaayos, Gurgaon / Delhi (NCR)

Kiwi delight

Kiwi is one of the most liked fruits of summers. It has many health benefits as well. What can be greater than having it’s best to taste benefits also. The kiwi delight served at Limitless cookhouse is quite refreshing and soothing. It is the mix of Kiwi crush, cranberry juice, black current crush, orange juice and gives a great taste to the tongue.

Where : Limitless Cookhouse & Bar, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg

Peanut butter shake

We have always tried peanut butter over the bread and personally, I always have the craving for the toast. But what can be more delightful for a peanut butter lover like me to have the shake for the same? The Radio station restaurant in Delhi serves one of the best peanut butter shakes and you can never get out of the taste of it.

Where: Radio Station, Kailash Colony

Selfie coffee

Who doesn’t like the coffee with his/her favorite selfies? Yes, guys, you can have your photos on the tasty coffee and drink the best of it. This cafe in Noida serves one of the best coffee with your perfect selfies printed on it.

Where: Selfie swag cafe, DLF Mall of India Sector 18, Noida

Popcorn shake

You always had popcorns while watching movies, but have you given a thought of drinking it while spending time with the best people around. The Radio station in Delhi serves popcorn shake to enjoy the leisure time while having the sips. And it’s delicious!!

Where: Radio Station, Kailash Colony