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5 desserts that will make you drool / Make life sweeter- Eat desserts first

Attention dessertarians! A smile may be the universal language of kindness, but dessert is the universal meal. The first question to arise after your epic feast must always be: “What’s for dessert?” From traditional ones to recent sweet-treat innovations, these 5 desserts are irresistible and heavenly enough to make any diner loosen his or her belt and satisfy any sweet tooth. Whatever dish captivates you, these mouthwatering desserts promise to submerge your taste buds in a candied and caramelized culinary wonderland sure to induce a saccharine-sweet delirium.

Dark chocolate mousse with butter glaze


Made with premium-quality couverture chocolate and dairy whipping cream, It’s a melt in the mouth concoction of a fudgy brownie married with a dark chocolate mousse which is glazed with a shiny cocoa glaze and topped with a mini macaron.

Where to try- Bliss Bakery, Gk1 M Block market

Price- Rs 175

Sweet Dust


Dehydrated jalebi ash assembled in pyramid way and concentrated of cardamom and clove infused Saffron perfumed sugar water poured over. Served along with ice-cream which has the fragrance of rabri and shaped of spoon quenelle to complement the dish. To make it more interactive they pour Saffron milk in front of the guest on the jalebi pyramid and garnish it with 24 carat gold leaf.

Where to try- Molecule, Sector 29, Gurugram

Price- Rs 325

Crunchy waffle lollies


Delicious crunchy waffle lollies with toppings varying from the classic maple syrup to the rather innovative Nutella with various topping options. The lollies are convenient to eat as they are served along with a stick.

Where to try- Burgrill, Rajouri Garden

Price- Rs 90 each

Chocolate golgappas


Yes, our countries favorite snack has now been transformed into a chocolate dipped moose filled dessert, and it’s absolutely genius! Dipped in hot chocolate instead of regular paani. They serve it in four flavors – Chocolate moose with oreo crunch, blueberry moose with pineapple chunks, orange cream with choco balls and red velvet.

Where to try- The Angel’s Kitchen, Paschim Vihar

Price- Rs 60 per piece

Indulgent chocolate and ice cream tart


The rich flavor of chocolate set atop a buttery shell with a ton of cream. A stunner! The best chocolate dessert you’ll ever meet.

Where to try- The Big House Cafe, Satya Niketan

Price- Rs 120 per piece

The list isn’t too long. Don’t miss a chance of spotting them down and trying your hands on these sweet treats as a meal isn’t complete without dessert.
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