5 Best Places For Kulfi In Delhi

Summer is here! So how about a Kulfi. Tempting, isn’t. But the question remains where to get the best Kulfi in Delhi. To make things easier for you, I have listed down five must-visit places for the best Kulfi in Delhi.

Kulfi is one of the most popular traditional dessert in India, which is derived from the Persian word and is said to be originated in the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. As documented in the Ain-i-Akbari, Kulfi was prepared in by Mughal using ice brought in from the Himalayas. Traditionally made from thickened milk flavored with essence and fruits, today you may find few unconventional flavors too.

Enough said, scroll down to find the best places for the creamiest Kulfi:

Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale

The place for Kulfi in Delhi. What started from “Doodh” and “Kesar-Pista” Kulfi in 1906, today Kuremal Mohanlal has carved a niche for its premium quality flavored Kulfi. They sell they kinds of Kulfi preparation – Rabri Kulfi, stuffed Kulfi, and Kulfi Juleps. Made from the freshest ingredients, the Kulfi is packed with an excellent taste and captivating aroma. The stuffed Kulfi is made of real fruit, whose pulp is used in the making of the Kulfi. Their Kulfis are full of authentic flavor as they are made from real fruits. Rabri Kulfi and Kulfi Juleps, both are priced at Rs 60 and stuffed Kulfi are sold at Rs 200 each. They have four varieties of stuffed Kulfi, such as Mango, Anar, Apple, and Orange. The USP of this place is Kulfi Juleps. Served in 20 varieties, the Kulfi is exceptional in taste. Of all they serve, I shall recommend their Jamun, Falsa, Water Melon, Anar, and Mango. Not just the known ones, they have some unconventional flavors too, such as Chandan, Kewra, Aam Papad, Imli, and Poodina. Their Kulfi is rich and creamy and yet embodies low-calorie count. Visit this place for an unparalleled quality.

Address : 526, Kucha Pati Ram, Sitaram Bazaar, Old Delhi

Lala Duli Chand Naresh Gupta

Initiated by Lala Duli Chand in early 60’s, this place is a hidden gem in the by-lanes of Sita Ram Bazar. The shop is famous for its fruit Kulfis which are creamy and has a velvety texture. They have regular Kulfi and Stuffed Kulfi. Priced at Rs 50, the regular Kulfi comes in 11 varieties – Kesar Pista, Mango, Anar, Cream, Fruit Cream, Pan, Rose, Chocolate, Strawberry, Falsa and Aam Panna. Stuffed Kulfi is priced at Rs 150 and they have four varieties of them – Apple Stuff Kulfi, Mango Stuff Kulfi, Orange Stuff Kulfi and Chikoo Stuff Kulfi. I would recommend the Mango Kulfi. It is made with real mango pulp, Pista, and Elaichi. If you aren’t pleased with Mango, have the Pomegranate and Phalsa stuffed Kulfi. The Phalsa Kulfi is really flavorful and has a “melt-in-mouth” texture. Another must-visit place in Old Delhi for Kulfi.

Address : 934, Kucha Pati Ram, Sitaram Bazaar, Old Delhi


Established in the year 2011, Kulfiano serves amazing Kulfi. This place has more than 10 varieties and their USP is that they don’t just sell the regular flavors, they have Faluda Kulfi, Tilla Kulfi, Sorbet Kulfi and Exotic Kulfi. Some of the flavors they serve are Rajasthani Matka Kulfi, Pura Aam, Kesar Pista, Mango, Gulabo, Kiwi, Kaju, Kishmish Malai, Paan, Anaar, Jamun, Chocolate, Coconut, Rabdi Faluda and many more. They have four kinds of Faluda Kulfi – Faluda Malai, Rabri Faluda Malai, Faluda Kesar and Kesar Faluda Malai. The Rajasthani Matka Kulfi is one of their exotic flavors and is my personal favorite. Served in an earthen pot with a Bandhani cloth cover, the Matka Kulfi is the yummiest ones. Perfectly sweet, not only the Kulfi looks adorable, they taste creamy too. For health conscious people, they do sell sugar-free Kesar Pista Kulfi. The sugar-free exotic creamy Kulfi is prepared with grainy condensed milk Kulfi with the richness of Saffron and Pistachio topped. All of their Kulfis have a completely refreshing taste and flavors. Each of them is equally mouthwatering and truly flavorful.

Address : 9-A, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Roshan Di Kulfi

Located in the Karol Bagh Market, the place is undoubtedly the most popular eatery in South Delhi. Roshan Di Kulfi is known for its spicy street food and amazing Kulfis. It sells only 3 varieties of Kulfi, but taste exceptional. Their Special Kulfi Faluda is a well-made treat. Made with Kesar, Almonds, and Pistachios, the Kulfi has perfect sweetness. The Faluda is tender and goes well with the Kulfi. The yellow-hued Kulfi is superbly flavorful and has the right amount of sweetness. Adorned with Kesar and Pistachio, the Kulfi Faluda is what you need after a tiring shopping day in Karol Bagh. They also have sugar free Kulfi too. For a more filling experience, pair the Kulfi with their Channa Bhatura.

Address : Ajmal Khan Rd, Karol Bagh, New Delhi

Kings Kulfi

More than 20 outlets across the city, Kings Kulfi is another must-visit place for Kulfi. Their Kulfis are full of rich and authentic flavors and are made of the iced pulp of the fruit. They serve an assortment of Kulfi in more than 25 flavors. They have Kulfi Faluda, Kulfi In Pot, Choco Feast Kulfi, Natural Fruit Stick Kulfi and Stick Fruit Kulfi. From the obvious flavors to new ones, they have all. Do try the Fresh Coconut, Sitafal, Anjeer, Shahi Gulab, Kiwi Apple and Kesar Pista. Each of them is delicious and served chill. If you love the traditional Kulfi served in Matka or earthen pots, they have 3 kinds of them – Kesar Pista, Paan, and Mango. Prepared in small clay pots, the Kulfis are best suited for festive occasions. Go for the Sugar Less Fig Kulfi if you are more concerned for your health.

Address : Multiple Outlets Across Delhi-NCR

So now you know where to head when you are craving for some creamy Kulfis.