5 Day Online Kids Learning Fest

Date : Mon May 25, 2020 Time : Starts at 5:00 PM - Ends at 6:00 PM Available Seats : 100
Location : Webinar
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Are your kids looking forward to learning something new & exciting? Join NBTRMC at the special 5 Days Online Kids Learning Fest and learn coding, magic, painting, science experiments, and much more.

So get ready to learn with Fun!


Online Kids Learning Fest
Webinar Date Time
1. Learn the Art of Sketching 24th June 5pm-6pm
2. Make a Bird’s Nest 25th June 5pm-6pm
3. Paper Circuit Workshop 26th June 5pm-6pm
4. Dance with Family 27th June 4pm-5pm
5. Vedic Maths 27th June 5:30pm-6:30pm
6. Creative Coding 28th June 4pm-5pm
7. Magic Tricks with Rahul Kharbanda 28th June 5:30pm-6:30pm

1. Sketching: Learn the art of sketching from the best, Himanshu Art Institute will help you learn sketching in the easiest way possible and you can be a great painter. (Exper- Mohit Manocha)

2. Make a Bird’s Nest: Learn to make nests for birds from the founder of Eco Roots Foundation & Limca Book of Records holder Rakesh Khatri. You would need the following things at your home for the same (Expert- Rakesh Khatri):
a. Plastic Jar
b. Fevicol Tube
c. Paper Cutter
d. Thick Twig/Pencil/Used toothbrush
e. Rope (Brown Sutli)
f. Cooler side grass (Optional)
g. Scissor

3. Learn the art of making a circuit from Paper with Banaao Innovations. At the intersection of Art & Technology, a novel piece of technology – ‘Paper Circuits’ enable us to embed electronics anywhere & everywhere into simple things around us and make them interactive as well as attractive. This course is your gateway to learn technology in one of the most fun & engaging ways. (Expert- Prem Sagar)

4. Learn Dancing with your Family and fight out the stress in these hard times (Expert- Niyati Tokas)

5. Vedic Maths: Join the Newton Education House and learn Vedic maths, the process helps students calculate much faster and also without using pen & paper. (Expert- Lalit Kumar)
a. Squaring of two-digit numbers ending with 5 and other numbers.
b. Multiply 2 digit number with 2 digit number
c. Multiply any no. with 11.
d. Tables from 11 to 99

6. Creative Coding: Learn the art of coding and start designing your own apps. learn the basics of programming with block-based coding and experience real-time simulation of circuits with the coding. The step-by-step introduction will help you get started with building more projects post-workshop. (Expert- Prem Sagar)
>Intro to electronic Components
>Intro to programming blocks
>Introduction to data types, conditions, etc.
>Making your first program
>Understanding steps to make new programs by yourself

7. Learn Magic from the Master himself, renowned magician and illusionist Mr. Rahul Kharbanda will teach you magic that no one has ever done before. (Expert- Rahul Kharbanda)

Topics below:
a. MAGIC performances with I PAD, sleight of hands & other Visual Magic
b. Interactive Mind Reading with audience
c. MAGIC Teaching Session

Note: The registrants will get the links of the webinar on their email ids and you will be able to join the webinar on the day of the workshop at the scheduled time.

For any queries, you can WhatsApp on 9650675361 or 9650675371 or mail to nbtrangmanchclub@gmail.com

Mon May 25, 2020
Starts at 5:00 PM - Ends at 6:00 PM
Available Seats : 100
Member Price INR 250 (inclusive of all taxes)

Seats are Full

Non Member Price INR 350 (inclusive of all taxes)

Seats are Full

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